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Happy New Year! Don’t Go Too Hard!

I’m about to watch New Year’s explode all over every single gym in the world. Every year is pretty much the same thing and you have all seen it. The January rush leads to the March crash. Everyone and their dogs saying “I’m hitting the gym really hard this year”.

But unless you are already hitting the gym hard, There is just no way you can survive this approach. You’ll hurt yourself or just burn out.

Most people will be surprised at how little you actually have to do at first to make a real difference in your life style and start you on the path to lifelong improvement. As the body adapts, loads and intensity increases and decreases in the right way until you achieve the volume and intensity that can make continual change in body composition.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard to learn the basics. It takes a tremendous amount of patience and determination. But that’s what life is, practice. Let’s get good at something together, and not go from zero to 200 in January.

Hey I just want to thank you for reading this! Teaching people to work with in the boundaries, limitations and gifts that their own personal physiology gives them is what we do. I’d love to have you come in and start the right way.

The Trainer


author: ryanbooth