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Four Very Serious Strategies For Managing Thanksgiving Dinner

You know what’s awesome? Eating! You know it’s even more awesome? Getting together with family!

Most of the health sites I read focus around managing intake of food at this time of year. But I say screw that. There’s pretty good evidence that if you adhere to a diet 80% of the time then you can take a little break from time to time. What better time to take a break from a diet than Thanksgiving?

That said, if you’re really concerned about your waistline and and you want some practical ideas here’s a couple(Warning: these aren’t really well thought out):

One- Make your plate mostly protein: Protein kind of takes the slowest route to fat storage; helps you feel satiated quicker and longer and; is required for most systems of the body. If you know me, you know I’m always harping on protein so there you go. Load up on that turkey. It’s too late to give him his freedom.

Two – Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and maintain your hydration. You can actually mistake hunger for thirst and if you are dehydrated you may in fact be more prone to binging.

Who are we kidding we’re all going to drink wine and beer, however, if you’re properly hydrated you may in fact drink less of that also.

Three – Plan an early morning workout with a buddy the day after dinner. If you are committed to being physically active with a person or group of people the next day you are less likely to over eat and be hung over. People depend on you, so cowboy up.

Four – Invite your personal trainer to Thanksgiving dinner. I can eat more than you can. Studies show that simply having me at your dinner will reduce what everybody else gets by at least 60%. You think I’m kidding? Call my mom.

I just want to thank you for reading this! If you’re not going to have me over for dinner, I’d love to have you come in for a workout. We’ll talk about what you ate and how you shouldn’t do that. And then will get you on your road to strength and leanness.

The Trainer

author: ryanbooth