Personal Training & Post-Injury Rehabilitation Testimonials

What Ryan Booth's clients have to say

"...this man is more skilled, competent and experienced than 98% of the students that I have evaluated in the past decade. He has a lot of great things to offer the people of Vancouver, B.C."

André Noël Potvin M.Sc., CES, CSCS, Enerchanges Clinic & Infofit

"As a physician I find his knowledge of anatomy and muscle development unsurpassed. My concerns about working with a personal trainer were quickly dismissed as flab became muscle and old injuries became functional. He is excellent to work with..."

Dr. Delbert Dorscheid MD Ph.D., St. Paul's Hospital

"Training with Ryan is challenging and fun. With his expert guidance I have achieved awesome gains in my strength, agility and flexibility. I enthusiastically recommend Ryan to anyone looking to improve their fitness and/or rehabilitate old or existing injuries."

Gillian Kent, Former Competitive Swimmer / Soccer Coach

"I've trained with Ryan for quite some time and immediately saw results. Not only physically with toning but also with my posture. I like that he works on strength and flexibility and that his workouts are a combination of intense cardio and strength training. As a trainer he has a great balance between motivating you but also encouraging you at the same time. The workouts are constantly changing so you never get bored and are specifically constructed for my body and my goals."

Amanda Crew, Actress

"As an actor, a good physical appearance is one of the best tools you can have. Ryan makes rapid body changing easy and fun. With Ryan's expert guidance I've achieved gains beyond my expectations!"

Ty Olsson, Actor

"I continue to train with Ryan because of his knowledge and expertise in exercise physiology. As a research scientist I appreciate his personalized approach to my fitness, well-being and his commitment to continual learning and growth. I feel confident working out with him..."

Dr. Arun Chockalingam MS, Ph.D., FACC, Simon Fraser University

I have known Ryan from the gym for several years and knew from that that he was an amazing person with great energy so when I was looking for a trainer it was a, No Brainer. I have a number of health issues as well as being totally blind so having a personal trainer that is not only in tune with my physical limitations but must also be able to recognize my possible medical reactions during a workout and be able to deal with them accordingly. Having a good sense of trust with your trainer is imperative, and in my case even more so. Not only does Ryan push me to meet my goals, but he is always conscience of when I might be pushing it just a little bit too hard and wind it back if necessary. I am confident that working with Ryan I will reach, if not exceed my goals as far as personal fitness.

Mike Fulton

"As a Chiropractor I have known Ryan professionally for 5 years. I continue to refer my patients to him because I am confident in his rehabilitative and training abilities. The numerous patients I have referred to him are always pleased with their results. I appreciate his knowledge and concerns."

Dr. Jerry W. Wright B Sc. D.C., Broadway Burrard Chiropractic