• Bowing Down to the Kettlebell and PNF Change of Heart?

    Ever have one of those days when what you though was right was wrong? I have lots of them lately. Cases in point: #1: A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioninng found PNF stretching ineffective for inproving vertical and mobility in quadricep muscles( below ) #2: A study in the Journal of...
  • You May Live Up To 14 Years Longer than Steven Tyler- Study!!

    *Disclaimer: In no way shape or form does Steven Tyler appear in this study, nor do I have his permission to use this picture or anything.* .   . Okay, maybe outliving Steven Tyler is not exactly what researchers mean here…I just found this picture and thought it was funny… However,...
  • High Intensity Intervals Make You Smarter!

      .   Train with high intensity interval as you age to become smarter. . A new Canadian study from the Montreal Heart Institute found significant increases in cognititve function as well as a decrease in fat and increase in V02 max in subjects who participated twice weekly for four months....
  • Lifting Weights Reduces Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

      . What is Metabolic Syndrome? . Metabolic Syndrome is a group of cardiovascular and diabetic risk factors. These include: 1- Large waist girth(over 40″ for man; over 36″ for women). 2- High triglyceride levels. 3- Low HDL( good cholesterol) levels. 4- High blood pressure (130/90 o...
  • Being a Trainer Is Great!! :’-)

    . This is the reason I love being a personal trainer: . I got this email today from a friend, client and group member, Kyla. Some of you may remember her from one of the “Credit where Credit is due” posts. I wish her continued success and the best of luck on her road to national competit...
  • Drink Water for Strength, power and to Reduce Injury Risk

        Drink water to contribute to strength and power production and reduce the risk for injury. Water should be the first thing and the last thing that enters your body each day. Most of us forget about this essential health component. I’d say water consumption maybe the most overlook...