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Being a Trainer Is Great!! :’-)

This is the reason I love being a personal trainer:
I got this email today from a friend, client and group member, Kyla. Some of you may remember her from one of the “Credit where Credit is due” posts. I wish her continued success and the best of luck on her road to national competition!
“Ryan! Just thought I would let you know that I tried out and made the University of Manitoba competitive skating team!
They competed nationally last year!
Also still doing my own training with my personal trainer and coaching skating again.
Words cant express how grateful I am that I hired you as my personal trainer way back … would never have been able to have tried out and did all this without you! Thanks again, bud 🙂smile
Its amazing to go from a severe back injury, to running my first 10 k, to making a nationally competitive team!”
Thank-You Kyla! You’ve made my day 🙂

author: ryanbooth