• Drink Coffee and Train with Intervals!

    . Good morning west coast! . Here’s some good news for those like me who like a good coffee fix in the morning or pre-workout. Researchers at RMIT university in Melbourn Australia have conducted a study on aerobic interval training blood platel… et function and caffein. They wanted to ge...
  • Foam Rolling: You May Be Hurting Yourself.

      .   A 2011 study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning tried to measure the effect of foam rollers on 1- sport performance and 2- post exercise recovery. The study tried to determine weather the use of myofascial rollers had an effect upon sport performance.     Here it i...
  • Twice-A-Day.ca Boot Camp! “Booth Camp!” in Vancouver!

                                   Starting July 2nd, 2012  Please join us for a different kind of  Boot Camp. Introducing Twice-A-Day.ca boot camp Vanvouver!                                                                          Why Twice-A-Day.ca ? The secret to unlocking your bodies fat burnin...
  • Squats- Performed Full Range vs. Half Range

      .   It was my understanding that the full range back squat is a contraindicated movement due to iliosacral instability. I have always been taught by my exercise therapists of many medical backgrounds that the kind of squat that touches the hamstring to the calf is unsafe. Recently on a s...
  • 5 Days in January: Active Rest

      . So it’s time to take a break. Five days off from the gym and the bench, and into “active rest”.  Which near as I can figure is a bullshit fitness word made up to sound official… like the word “functional”… While in Mexico it seems that my strength c...
  • Fatigue every set? No…I Blew it, I was wrong.

      . continued from: The Quest: for the 405lb Bench   . “FATIGUE IS NOT ADVANTAGIOUS WHEN TRYING TO INCREASE STRENGTH.”   quest (kwst) n. 1. The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something; a search. 2. An expedition undertaken in medieval romance by a knight in ord...