• Lady Gaga Gets Called Fat

    . I was not a Lady Gaga fan until today when she released these pictures. Seems she’s put on 25 lbs and the media attacked her as being “fat”. In response she releases these photos to tell the people that judge her: .  “…it’s not okay to critique her body — not be...
  • Khloe Kardashian and the HCG Diet- No Proof Means NO Proof!

      . . I am watching the Kardashians on T.V. This one of many “compromises” I endure so that my wife will let me watch baseball. Please don’t ask what the other ones are. On this particular episode, the season finale, Khloe is told that she is not ovulating and can not conceive...
  • Training is Infectious!

      I received this text from a great lady the other day! THIS is why I am a trainer. Training is infectious! No matter how sedentary you think you are, your body wants movement!                               LIKE—-> ht...
  • The Deal With MSG Labelling Laws in Canada

      Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is the sodium salt of the naturally occurring amino acid, glutamic acid. MSG makes up 10 to 25 % of all food protein, from both animal and vegetable sources. Many people think that it is evil. For my part, I am sensitive to it. I get stomach aches and headaches when...
  • Favorite Strengtheners for Iliopsoas- Q & A with Ryan Booth (me:)

    . The following is an excerpt from a question asked on the facebook page “Reciprocal Innervations Personal Training and Post Rehab “ It is a Q & A with Ryan Booth. Ryan is a personal trainer in Vancouver with 15 years experience training athletes, actors, the general public and speci...
  • Fitness Memes: Today’s “Muscle Mag”

      .   The typical fitness model spends her days and nights working out. She has a strict diet she follows to a tee. This woman spent the last 12 weeks in preparation for this photo shoot. During this time she further restricted her calories, and took measures to rid herself of subcutaneous...