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5 Tips for Getting Yourself Back To the Gym

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I’m human. I woke up this morning with the best intentions. I was going to eat breakfast, down some coffee, and get to the gym. Sometimes, however, best intentions mean nothing.

I’m just really tired after a week of work, erratic sleep, this crazy diet, and the series finale of Downton Abbey. All valid excuses – don’t tell me that they aren’t.

Sometimes, it’s a really good idea to take some time off. But sometimes I need a swift kick in the pants because I’m just making excuses. Or I have an prioritize properly.

Way to get to the gym number one: Prioritize properly!

If you have a kid you have to feed the kid. And get the kids to school. If you don’t, your own personal health should be a top concern. If you are like me you have decided physical fitness is a good way to maintain your own health (and sanity). So get mindful about just how important this process is.

Way to get to the gym number two: Trick yourself!

So today I’m not feeling like working out, I had early clients, I was remarkably tired from the night before, so I told myself I’m just going to go to the gym and shave. Yeah, That’s right. I completely took the load off and told myself I was just going to go in to the gym to do a little hot water workout.

What was awesome about this is it actually forced me to get to the gym. At which point, it became much easier to just walk out onto the floor and think about doing something at a reduced rate. And I did think about it. I didn’t do it. But I thought about it. Again, I am human.

Way to get to the gym number three: Hydrate!

Seriously, you just can’t be hydrated enough in this day and age. It contributes to good hormone function which in turn increases energy. One can’t recover a lick without proper hydration also.

Remember to hydrate yourself.

Way to get yourself to the gym number four: Reduce the neural load!

Something’s better than nothing.

Many’s the time I’ve stood in front of an olympic bar that I have loaded up with weight and said to myself “do I really have to lift this?!”

As you get older, your neurological drive changes a little bit and you have to be really careful with how often you train with extreme intensity. Very often, training at six out of 10 is a good alternative to training at nine or 9.5 out of 10.

Sometimes, taking a step back provides the impetus required to get yourself up off of the couch and for getting to the gym. Downton Abbey is now over, so you now have one less distraction. Or at least I do… Mary! I can’t believe that Mary!

Way to get to the gym number five: Visualize!

I will sometimes ask people to come up with a creative visualization of what they’re perfect physique would look like. One time a person told me that she really admired Halle Berry’s body. So what she’d do, was visualize a picture that she had of Halle Berry with her face superimposed.

What ever your personal visualization is, remember that is what you are striving for. It should inspire you. Just the way that you will inspire others.

For more on how I get my butt to the gym, and maybe just maybe inspire a person or two, why not contact your friendly neighborhood personal trainer?


Hope everyone is doing great!

The Trainer,
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